Quality assured ingredients

Gerald McDonald specialise in offering a high level of quality assured ingredients with the addition of the Vgarden, vegan style cheeses. Please see below for more information & available products catering for a variety of vegan, dietary & ingredient possibilities.

VGarden Vegan Style Cheese

100% dairy free & 100% delicious

Vegan Cheese

Our gluten-free & soy-free vegan cheese styles are used in many food manufacturing & foodservice sectors catering for a wide audience, offering a variety of product styles & formats across the food industry. Our products provide solutions for a broad scope of diets & allergen intolerances, being 100% dairy free & 100% delicious!

VGarden Products

Cheddar | Gouda | Mozzarella | Parmesan | Feta | Ricotta | Cream Cheese


Blocks, slices, shreds, spreadable & finely grated


Enriched with calcium & dietary fibres

Lactose-free • Gluten-free • Trans fat-free • Soy-free • Cholesterol-free • Non-GMO
Vegan / dairy-free • Health properties • Product variety • Long shelf life

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Whether fresh or dried, herbs are an excellent realm of vegan-friendly culinary opportunity. herbs are aromatic leaves and flowers, so they are by their very nature plant-based. Like herbs, spices are generally a safe category for vegans as most of these ingredients are plant-based. Technically, spices should all be vegan-friendly; spices are derived from plant seeds, bark & roots. Because vegan proteins tend to have relatively mild flavour profiles, spices can be an important part of vegan cooking.

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On the whole juices & concentrates are vegan-friendly. There are some soft drinks which are not suitable for vegans. A small number contain gelatine (derived from collagen obtained from various animal by-products) & one or two red-coloured ones can contain cochineal (food colouring derived from a species of insect). One thing to look out for in concentrated juice is if it appears to be missing its pulp as this can indicate it may have been distilled through non-vegetarian/vegan ingredients.

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