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Gerald McDonald (Herbs & Spices) specialise in offering a high level of quality assured ingredients. With the addition of our milling and blending resources we have the added benefit of offering bespoke products and seasonings tailored to our customers’ requirements.

Herbs & Spices Product Range

We have over 150 different herb & spice based products available.

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Natural Ingredients

We believe in quality, all our herbs & spices are sourced from well-established and reputable suppliers.

Expert Blenders

Our extensive technical knowledge and state of the art blending facilities makes us your complete ingredient provider.

Bespoke Packaging

Our herbs & spices are primarily packed in original bags or neutrally marked cartons. If you have specific packaging requirements please contact us to discuss a more customized alternative.

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Diana Brand

Our own Curry Powder Blend,
made using our secret recipe

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