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Material Data Sheet

Product: Lemon – Sicilian NFC

  • Product Group: Juices & Bases
  • Category: NFC
  • Type:
  • Nature: Natural


Lemon juice NFC is a regular stock item held onsite, so we can be flexible with small to large volume requirements.

This lemon juice product is not from concentrate (NFC).

Our lemon nfc from Sicily is packed in aseptic 20kg bags in boxes or 200kg aseptic drums.

Technical spec definition: A yellow to fawn coloured turbid free flowing liquid with a flavour and aroma characteristic of lemon.

Available for prompt delivery.

Sicilian lemons have long been considered the best quality lemons in the world- with a wonderful aroma and sweeter taste than others.

Lemon juice NFC basic spec

BRIXUncorrected°RS7.0 - 8.2
Corrected°BX7.80 - 9.24
ACIDITYCAA% w/w4.1 - 5.4
PULPAt s/s% v/v1 - 8
Yeast & Mouldcfu/gm≤ 10
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