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Material Data Sheet

Product: Lemon Concentrate

  • Product Group: Juices & Bases
  • Category: Concentrate
  • Type: Cloudy
  • Nature: Natural


Lemon Concentrate Cloudy is a commonly used ingredient for food and drink products.

Therefore it is very much a standard stock item for us.

We have a variety of packaging options, from frozen to aseptic packing in jerrycans, packs or drums.

Available from 30 to 40 Brix / 400-500gpl.

Options also include unpreserved or unpreserved product.

Technical spec product description: A yellow to fawn coloured turbid viscous liquid with an aroma characteristic of lemon.

Below is basic parameters for 400gpl product (frozen), but please contact us for your specific requirements/packaging as spec parameters will vary.

Lemon concentrate 400gpl cloudy unpreserved basic spec

BRIXUncorrected°RS46.0 - 50.4
Corrected°BX51.68 - 57.17
ACIDITYCAA% w/w31.4 - 38.0
PULPAt s/s% v/v1 - 8
Yeast & Mouldcfu/gm≤ 100
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