Agres srl

About the company

Gerald McDonald and Compay Limited is a co-owner of Agres srl, a Sicilian lemon and citrus processing and blending factory based near Palermo, Sicily. It produces derivatives of citrus fruits and vegetables as well as a wide range of other blended products.

The company has been associated with Gerald McDonald for three generations and this partnership brings together many years of agricultural, production and marketing expertise.

Products include:

Natural and concentrated juices
Bases and compounds: available in aseptic (bag in box and bag in drum), frozen or preserved
Essential oils: cold-pressed, distilled or dewaxed

Agres srl’s products are used for the soft drinks, food, bakery, flavour and fragrance¬†markets. They cover concentrates, comminutes and bases, essential oils and distillates. They also supply a range of organic products certified by the CCPB.

Product lists and product data sheets are available upon request.