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Material Data Sheet

Product: Sansho Pepper – Asakura Spice

  • Product Group: Spices & Herbs
  • Category: Spice
  • Type: Whole
  • Nature: Frozen


Available now in stock.

The hand selected, cleaned, blanched and frozen berries of the aromatic prickly ash, Zanthoxylum piperitum from the renowned Yabu City area.

Asakura Sansho Pepper are small, green spherical berries.

They have an intense lemon flavour and odour with pleasant ‘numbing’ sensation typical of product.

Asakura Sansho is found within the Asakura region of Yabu city in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

It has history of over 400 years- long ago, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who united the nation of Japan, had appointed the magistrate of Ikuno mine to plant the Sansho trees.

Thereafter, the vastly produced pepper seeds were presented as medicine to Ieyasu Tokugawa, the Shogun general who ruled the nation after Hideyoshi.

As a result, it is written that Asakura Sansho was exclusively produced there and became a prized gift desired by the feudal lords.

Presently, as both the bunches of the pepper berries and individual berries get bigger, the noble aroma, characteristic to the Asakura Sansho plant, has been entrusted to the Tajima district to cultivate, where it has become a luxury product that is loved by the world.

The ‘tingling sensation’ of Sansho Pepper on your tongue brings a surprising effect on your taste buds!

Bewitched by this magic, your sense of taste is heightened and you will experience a richer and deeper flavour.

This is why Sansho Pepper is known as the ‘Magical Spice’.

Asakura Sansho contains more of the active citrus ingredient of limonene than other Sansho peppers, providing its fruity aroma that breathes refreshing, new life into those who experience its magic.

Polyphenols are well-known for their antioxidant activity and are in Asakura Sansho more than other Sansho peppers.

Available from us in 25g or 1kg packs, useful for catering, restaurants, distillers and food manufacturers.

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