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Material Data Sheet

Product: Lemon NFC

  • Product Group: Juices & Bases
  • Category: NFC
  • Type:
  • Nature: Organic


Organic Lemon NFC (not from concentrate) juice is processed from 100% organic lemon fruit.

Origin is Sicily, Italy. A region known for it's organic produce and one of the largest organic food growers in Europe.

Technical spec product description: A yellow to fawn coloured turbid free flowing liquid with a flavour and aroma characteristic of lemon.

Organic lemon juice NFC basic spec

BRIXUncorrected°RS6.3 - 10.0
Corrected°BX7.08 - 11.16
ACIDITYCAA% w/w4.0 - 6.0
SUCROSE% w/w< 10
pH2.0 - 3.0
PULPAt s/s% v/v≤ 10
Yeast & Mouldcfu/gm≤ 10
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