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Material Data Sheet

Product: Apple – Medium Acid Concentrate

  • Product Group: Juices & Bases
  • Category: Concentrate
  • Type: Clarified
  • Nature: Natural


This is the standard Apple Concentrate Clarified 70 Brix medium acid (malic acid 1.8 - 3.6 %w/w) product used in a wide variety of juice products.

Available in 25kg aseptic bags-in-boxes and 270kg aseptic drums.

This is a standard stock item held at our onsite UK warehouse.

Countries of origin for the fruit are Poland, Spain and France.

Technical spec product description: A pale yellow-brown coloured clear viscous liquid with a flavour and aroma characteristic of apple.

Apple concentrate clarified 70Bx - medium acid basic spec

BRIXUncorrected°RS69.0 - 71.0
Corrected°BX69.34 - 71.67
ACIDITYMalic% w/w1.8 - 3.6
(CAA% w/w1.72 - 3.44)
COLOURAt s/s 420 nm x 1cma≤ 0.30
Yeast & Mouldcfu/gm≤ 10
PATULINAt s/sμg/Kg≤ 50
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