Natural Ingredients

All our ingredients are from audited and GFSI-approved suppliers. We can also assist with any specific origin requirements you need.

Here is a glossary of industry terms for assistance:

Aseptic Concentrate
Concentrate is heated to destroy any micro-organisms and is then filled into large sterile bags under aseptic conditions and sealed. It does not need to be stored frozen for micro-biological reasons but prolonged storage at high temperatures leads to a reduction in product quality in particular regarding the colour of red fruits.

Frozen Concentrate
Generally refers to the product, which is not sterile and is stored below -15°C in drums and below -7°C in bulk.

Pulp Sediment Concentrate
In cloudy juices, particularly citrus, cellular matter will sediment during storage. The amount of sedimentation can be quantified by centrifugation of the juice under standardised conditions and then reading the resulting volume of sediment.

All of the juice and a large proportion of the fibrous matter naturally found in the fruit are maintained. The insoluble matter is broken up to pass through a fine sieve to produce a smooth liquid thicker than the juice equivalent. Puree is available as both a concentrate and single strength.
Clarified Juices can be clear or cloudy. Clarified juices are prepared usually by a combination of enzymatic pre-treatment followed by filtration of cloudy juices. These clarified juices tend to be less flavoursome than their cloudy counterparts due to the extra processing.

Cloudy/Peel Extract
Cloudy concentrates are specialised citrus products manufactured by extracting de-oiled peel and pulp residues with hot water with the addition of pectolytic enzymes. The filtered, extracted cloudy liquid is then pasteurised and concentrated to 50°Brix.

Comminute is a whole fruit puree. All of the outer layers of the fruit are intentionally included generally by mechanically processing them to a pulp like consistency and incorporating them with juice. Only citrus fruits are comminuted. Comminutes cannot be consumed directly, but are used in the formulation of drinks primarily in citrus squashes. Comminute is declared on the pack as a mix of fruit/juice content or just fruit content.

A blend of juices, flavours, colours, acids, stabilisers – often made for ease of use at soft drink production sites.

Customer specific packaging upon request.
Our packaging options include:
Aseptic bags (5kg-25kg)
Jerry cans
1000L rigid plastic IBCs
1000L aseptic bins

In collaboration with our NPD, we are able to produce exclusive fruit mixes based on customer requests.
Please contact us for technical specifications, samples and further information.