Certificates & Articles


    Overview: This article describes the occurrence, properties and control of Limonin in citrus juices
  • BITTERNESS IN CITRUS JUICES (part 1) – ‘NARINGIN’ - Juices & Bases
    Overview: This article describes the occurrence, properties and control of Naringin in citrus juices
  • Gerald McDonald & Co. Brochure - News
    Gerald McDonald Brochure
    Overview: Our new brochure with up to date product listings is now available to download.
  • AIJN - Juices & Bases
    Overview: About AIJN
  • Aseptic - Juices & Bases
    Overview: A form of packing liquids by first heat treatment and filling in a sterile environment.
  • BRIX - Juices & Bases
    Overview: The ‘strength’ or concentration of Juices is assessed by the dissolved solids that are present, which for most fruit juices are the sugars.
  • Browning in Fruit Juices - Juices & Bases
    Overview: Browning in (Darkening of) fruit juices is undesirable, detracting from the fresh appearance of the product.
  • Cells - Juices & Bases
    Overview: In the case of citrus, juice is contained in the juice sacs and these sacs can be mechanically recovered from the juice after crushing and traded as cells.
  • Comminutes - Juices & Bases
    Overview: Comminutes contain juice, pith, peel and essential oil to produce a characteristic fresh, peely flavoured drink with high natural stability at very low raw material dosage.
  • Concentration - Juices & Bases
    Overview: How to save on storage, packing and transportation costs juices
  • Density - News
    Overview: Density is the mass per unit volume of a material at a specified temperature and in vacuo and is the absolute scientific standard/reference.
  • FCOJ, FCLJ - Juices & Bases
    Overview: Industry shorthand for Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice and Frozen Concentrated Lemon Juice.
  • Filtration - Juices & Bases
    Overview: Mechanical method of removing insoluble solids from a liquid
  • Fruit Juice Acids (CONVERSIONS) - Herbs & Spices
    Overview: The amount of each acid giving the same Acidity in a juice can be found from equivalent weights of each acid.
  • GPL - Juices & Bases
    Overview: Acidity expressed in grammes of citric acid anhydrous per litre of juice.
  • Illegal Dyes in Spices - Essential Oils & Aroma Chemicals
    Overview: Law and legislation report
  • Incoterms -
    Overview: Incoterms we use and who is responsible
  • Mycotoxin Contamination in Spices - Essential Oils & Aroma Chemicals
    Overview: What are they?
  • NFC - Juices & Bases
    Overview: Abbreviation for Not From Concentrate
  • pH - Essential Oils & Aroma Chemicals
    Overview: pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution and is of the utmost importance in determining chemical behaviour and ability to support (micro )biological activity.
  • Ratio - Juices & Bases
    Overview: The Brix of Fruit Juices relates to the level of dissolved solids, which for most fruit juices are the sugars.
  • REACH - Essential Oils & Aroma Chemicals
    Overview: REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals)
  • Taint and Off-Flavours in Citrus Juices – Diacetyl - Juices & Bases
    Overview: Diacetyl is a powerful flavouring molecule with a distinct 'buttermilk' character having a taste threshold in water of around 5.4 ppb.